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Exciting Portraiture Workshop!

Doing a promotional in-store demonstration at Tindall’s in Trinity Street, Colchester on Saturday 22 April 2017 from 1000-1600 hrs. This time, I will be working on a portrait drawing from a plaster bust to show basic life portraiture theory and techniques. The session will be a taster of the forthcoming workshop on Portrait Drawing to be held at the Colchester store on Thursday 18 May 2017. This workshop would be suitable for those who would just like to have a go at producing a monochrome portrait from life, using reliable, well-tried techniques. Participants will be drawing a portrait from a plaster cast – a recognised Old Master technique – with step-by-step guidance from me throughout.

Great Workshop!

Thanks to Diane and the members of the Marks Tey Art Club for coming along and working so hard in yesterday's "Portraits In Charcoal" workshop. It was great to see the confidence building amongst those who had previously been frightened off by the idea of portraiture and also of working in the unfamiliar to many medium of charcoal. Excellent work, everyone! Hope I can work with you all again.

New Website!

Very excited about my new online presence! Hoping for good things! I hope you like the Gallery and what I have to offer. Please get in touch! I'd love to hear from you! Meanwhile, here's one of my latest efforts - pen-and-wash using the Dotspen, available from the SAA. It's my first attempt with this new electric pen and I'm quite pleased with it! More to come, I think.


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